Anal Itch

If you need to scratch your posterior often, it can be annoying and possibly embarrassing depending on where you might be when it gets itchy. For instance, you don’t want to be scratching at work as it might interfere with your job and people might make comments about it. So, this article will point out why you might have this condition. It will answer issues with the anus, the reasons why you might have an itchy anus, and some ways to treat it.

Causes of itch

hgdhgd74To begin with, given the type of skin and the location of the anus, it is an ideal location to get easily irritated. There is little air to allow the skin to breathe, and it is kept warm by the fatty deposits of the buttocks and clothing on top of that. Thus a combination of heat and some other variable such as remnants of fecal matter caught in the wrinkly parts of the skin can cause itching. An easy way to prevent this from occurring is to ensure that you keep the area clean. Even wearing natural fabric like cotton that allow air to pass through may alleviate skin that is already itchy.


Yeast infection

Itching in this area may also be due to a yeast infection. Candida Albicans, the fungi responsible for yeast infections, also thrive in a warm environment such as the anus. There are many remedies for yeast infections. They aim first to treat the symptoms of the problem and then sort of the lifestyle issues that may be promoting the recurrence of the outgrowth.


Worms (Pin worms) may also be the cause of the itching. Many people will have these parasite organisms inside them. Children are prime candidates for worms. They will occasionally leave the rectum, and this will cause itchiness.


You may even be allergic to some foodstuff or skin care product. And this allergy may manifest itself as a skin rash. This could be in other parts of the body and not just the anus. This is the best way to determine that it is an allergic reaction.

Effects of Hemorrhoids

hgdhgd674Hemorrhoids are also thought to lead to itchiness of the anus in some situations. This is especially so when internal hemorrhoids distend from the anal canal and hang down, often hanging out of the anus. The body reacts by producing anal mucus to reduce the irritation. However, this can often lead to itchiness because the mucus is sticky and difficult to remove.

Other causes could be due to other colorectal conditions. Some of these could be quite serious, including early stages of colon cancer. It is advisable to check with your health care professional if the problem persists.