rdfgvfghjhbDoes the thought of stepping on a plane causes fear to run down your spine? This is a very commonly found phobia. One of out 6 Americans is aviophobia. There could be many reasons for a person to have a phobia of flying, one of which could be troublesome turbulences while in flight. Other factors include having known people who have been through a plane crash. Hijacking and terrorist attacks are other common reasons behind the phobia. Nevertheless, it is not very difficult to overcome it.

What are the causes of the fear of flying?

While people are still looking for how to overcome the phobia of flying, they must first figure out what are the roots of their fear. There are two kinds of aviophobia. Some people have it in themselves since birth, while there is the other kind who have already flown for numerous times before finding it fearful.

One of the main causes of this could be the dread of airplane crashes

People could have known someone to have died due to a plane crash or seen media images of the same. This causes them to be afraid of stepping their foot on the plane.

Another reason could be the knowledge of having a panic attack or feeling claustrophobic inside the plane

They feel afraid of losing control on themselves. This situation can be compared to being inside an elevator. Many people feel trapped inside, similar to a car’s back seat.

How to overcome the fear of flying?

The first thing you must do about overcoming any phobia is not thought about why you are afraid of the phenomenon that instead, try to figure out what you feel while undergoing that phenomenon and how do you respond to it.There are tips on How to overcome the fear of flying.

Knowledge of flying on a plane

When you decide to travel via flight, step on the aircraft with a complete understanding of how it works, because ignorance gives shape to anxiety. With anxiety, the thoughts of ‘what ifs’ start crowding your mind. When you are equipped with knowledge of how the process works, you can feed all your what ifs with answers and facts. That will help you survive the journey.

Having the right mindset

The process of smashing Aviophobia is a tough and often, frustrating task. To achieve success in it, you must first learn to have times of success and failure. When you have had a lot of success and failure experiences, you start developing a determination to win. While you view flying as a terrifying phenomenon, you must start to think of it as a game. Then, you must determine yourself that you have to learn and master this new sport. For that, you require enthusiasm, positivity and energy.

Anticipation of anxiety

Anticipatory anxiety is experienced when you anticipate phobia. During and before the flight, people experience a lot of anxiety, but that frequently is much greater than what they experience. So, traveling a lot of times can help in reducing this anxiety gradually. To reduce your background anxiety, you can practice a relaxation method like muscle relaxation or some meditation on a daily basis. Any technique that makes you feel relaxed can benefit you.

Tell your fellow fliers to help you out in case you get panic attacksdxfcgvbfg

You must learn to distinguish between danger and fear and not let your body react the same way for both. You can tell your fellow fliers about your aviophobia and what exactly you are frightened of. They may help you in case you get panic attacks thinking that some turbulence happens. You can also ask them how they can manage it without any anxiety. Happy flying!