An Overview of the Causes of some Anal Problems

Hemorrhoids is a disease of the anus, and it affects internally and externally. Hemorrhoids are caused by increased pressure on the veins located in the pelvic and rectum area of the body. When people go to their doctor and are diagnosed with Hemorrhoids, they are unsure of what they are.

What causes hemorrhoids is that when the veins around the anus area become swollen or inflamed, this is considered hemorrhoids. These can be very painful lumps of blood trapped by the excess pressure on your body. How does pressure cause hemorrhoids?

To control bowel movements, the tissue inside the anus uses blood flow to help your body control these.

Causes of excessive pressure around the rectal area


One of the biggest causes of pressure around the anus is constipation and diarrhea. These cause people to strain unnaturally when they go to the bathroom. Often people who have a lack of fiber in their diet are at risk of constipation. Bowel movements when you are constipated can be very difficult and put a lot of pressure on veins around the anus.


Being overweight

There are many problems associated with being overweight and hemorrhoids is one of them. Being overweight puts excess pressure on the veins in the pelvic region, which leads to inflammation, which contributes to causing hemorrhoids.


In some women the extra weight gained during pregnancy can put a strain on the body that women simply aren’t used to, and this can cause a lot of pressure on them.

Sitting for extended periods of time

Many workers who have to sit in the same position for long periods of time are affected by hemorrhoids; this includes office workers and truck drivers. To reduce the pressure on the pelvic area try sitting on a cushion or if possible standing up and walking around for short periods of time.

Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting can cause hemorrhoids in many people. Though often it is unavoidable due to the type of work people do, to reduce the strain on your body, ensure that you bend your knees when lifting this will ensure that you are using more of your leg muscles and not your lower back.

Ways to prevent hemorrhoids

The best way in which to get relief from hemorrhoids is to try and prevent in the first place. A change in lifestyle and eating habits can help reduce the causes of hemorrhoids. You should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as the different types of fiber in your diet. Making these changes can aid in their prevention. Ensure that you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.


When going to the bathroom try not to strain too much and don’t sit on the toilet for long periods of time. These tips will help you avoid putting excessive strain on your body and help solve the problems that cause hemorrhoids in the first place. Also, it is highly recommended that you choose the anal products that you use. Check analbleachingguide.com/best-creams-and-kits-reviews/lakshma-maxxi if you want to bleach your anus.

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